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  • The system of applying the convenience of the information and communication technology and portable point of care devices in the field of medicine is termed as ‘Telemedicine’. In brief, telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare to distant patients by using IT enabled audio and video devices. Telemedicine services cover various aspects of treatment such as consultation, diagnosis, counselling and e-prescription. The advent of telehealth technology is a practical boon for both patients and healthcare providers.
  • You can rely on our expertise in establishing telemedicine services to draft and implement a perfectly fitting tele-medicine system for your healthcare unit. Our proficiency will be of much help to you in introducing and maintaining feasible telemedicine services. If you just want us to organize the technological part, well and good, we will do it at an affordable cost. In case, if you need our help to maintain the entire telemedicine services including its technology and related services, we are happy to do the same for you impeccably.
  • Tele-radiology
    The department of radiology has a vital role in diagnosing and imaging studies. This influences decisions regarding the therapeutic treatments. Transmitting radiological images from one location to another location, with the help of telecommunication systems is termed as tele-radiology. Tele-radiology software solutions empowers the healthcare providers to offer their radiology services round the clock.
  • Interpretation of all non-invasive imaging studies such as digitized x-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine studies, can be carried out using Tele-radiology services. We works with partners in technology space to provide complete tele-radiology solutions – including software, technology, radiologist services, communication platforms and reporting system.
  • Telemedicine services make medical diagnosis innovative; here, a radiologist can read and decode the medical images even by positioning himself or herself at a different location.
  • Teleradiology software solutions is greatly beneficial for hospitals as hiring a tele-radiology service provider is cheaper than employing permanent radiologists. In addition, hospitals can provide radiology imaging and reporting services ’round the clock’, in an accurate manner at comparatively discounted rates. Patients are also greatly benefited by this method; they can get the desired reporting and second opinion in a cost-effective manner. Apart from the monetary benefits, teleradiology enriches the value of patient-care and thus help hospitals to achieve patient satisfaction.
  • Teleradiology solutions become significant during emergency medical cases, especially to people who reside in the rural areas, where there is no quality medical support. By using the technology, the medical images of the patient is transferred to a specialized radiologist who assesses them remotely and advises get the exactly needed medical recommendations in considerably less time.
  • Telemedicine and Teleradiology systems have given new rays of hope to patients, who suffer from serious health problems. Such patients can now count on the benefits of the modern medical technology, even though he or she resides in a remote area, where medical facilities are limited. Get in touch with our healthcare consultants to implement telemedicine and teleradiology software solutions.

Why HOSCONNN for Planning?

  • We help you derive at the most feasible setup in terms of bed mix & facility mix.

  • We help you to derive elaborate strategies for the creating patient friendly  hospital infrastructure and detailed space planning for each healthcare services.
  • We find out the scope for further improvement, precisely staying within the plan.
  • We systematically monitor the status of the progress made.
  • We propose practical ways to reorganize the resources.
  • Procuring the most modern equipment’s is a tedious task. You can expect our expert assistance in this.