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  • Analysis of Past, Current, and future supply of and demand for services and facilities required/available in the respective competitive markets.
  •  Development of estimates of utilization levels that might be obtained at the proposed Hospital Centre facility.
  •  We also assist our clients in raising funds, identifying alliance partners for business in the form of Joint venture, Financial assistance etc.
  •  We use a combination of primary and secondary market data collection, focus groups and expert face-to-face interviews in conducting analyses and bench-marking of manufacturers, distributors and global/local competitors.
  • We analyse & evaluate the viability on various aspects such as Financial Projections, Departmental revenues & expenses, preferred site, Capital costs, Recurrent Costs etc.
  • A detailed report is prepared after reviewing the catchment area across various parameters, and identifying the related opportunities and constraints.
  • Site characteristics, accessibility and relationship with other healthcare facilities will be described. Specific site issues or challenges will be assessed and resolved.

Why HOSCONNN for planning?

  • We help you derive at the most feasible setup in terms of bed mix & facility mix.

  • We help you to derive elaborate strategies for the creating patient friendly  hospital infrastructure and detailed space planning for each healthcare services.
  • We find out the scope for further improvement, precisely staying within the plan.
  • We systematically monitor the status of the progress made.
  • We propose practical ways to reorganize the resources.
  • Procuring the most modern equipment’s is a tedious task. You can expect our expert assistance in this.